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These 3D Sticker Mini Valentine’s Day Cards are perfect for teachers, classmates, friends, or whoever is on your list to get a cute card on Valentine’s Day.

Aside from making Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day has to be the best holiday for making handmade cards. The cards can range from anything super frilly and pink and sweet to monotone and sarcastic. In my book, funny is just as good as pretty, if not better, lol. But there’s is also a very happy middle area where these cards live. They’re still pretty and still pink but I think they have a more clean and modern feel to them.

And really, I was just working with the colors that came with the stickers here. If you find some great heart or arrow stickers in more muted colors or just a completely different color scheme, I think they’d still work beautifully for the size and shape, and purpose of these mini cards.

I found these fun stickers as part of my Valentine’s Day Craft Supply Haul. I knew right away that I wanted to use them to make mini cards. You can use this same pattern to make other types of mini cards of course, or if you find 3D stickers with different color schemes than mine, you just simply find coordinating paper. For me, I just love pink, white,  and gold together.

For the stamps, you can use any cute saying you like, I happened to have these stamps on hand from Close to My Heart. I linked to a nice set from Simon Says Stamp to start you on your search, though. Or if you have a Cricut, you can just have it write a cute sentiment on the inside of the card after cutting it out!

I think these types of mini cards are perfect for when you want to make several handmade cards for small classes or groups but you don’t necessarily want to make big, full-sized cards. And these are totally makeable for both kids and grownups alike!

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3D Sticker Mini Valentine’s Day Cards Materials

3D Sticker Mini Valentine’s Day Cards Steps

1: Cut four (or however many you need for the stickers you have) into 4-inch by 8-inch pieces of the white cardstock. You’ll be able to cut three from each 12 x 12-inch piece of white cardstock.

2: Use the corner rounder to round all four corners on each of the 4-inch by 8-inch cardstock pieces.

3: Cut four (or more) 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch pieces of the lighter pink cardstock. You’ll be able to cut up to nine of these pieces from each 12-inch by 12-inch piece of pink cardstock.

4: Use the corner rounder again to round all four corners of each pink square.

5: Now cut four (or more) 3.25-inch by 3.25-inch pieces of the dark pink cardstock. You’ll be able to cut nine squares from each 12-inch by 12-inch dark pink cardstock, as well.

6: Again, you’ll use the corner rounder to round all four corners on each square.

7: Now go back to those original 4-inch by 8-inch white rectangles and score them at the 4-inch mark. I used the little black scorer blade that comes with most paper trimmers, but you can just use your hands or one of those bone folder tools. If you cut these out on your Cricut, you can just have the machine score them for you.

8: Place one sticker, centered, on each dark pink square. I want to point out that since your 3D stickers likely won’t be the same as mine, you may need to adjust the side of your card pieces to accommodate their dimensions. But if your stickers are smaller, these dimensions will still work great, just center the stickers within the squares.

9: Use a tape runner or double-sided tape to stick each dark pink and sticker square, centered, on each lighter pink square. I don’t recommend using liquid glue as it will likely soak through the paper before it dries. Glue sticks may work but the glue might not hold up for very long.

10: Next you’ll use the tape runner again to stick the whole stack, centered, onto the front of the white card.

11: For this last step, you really have a load of options. You could handwrite sentiments, use sentiment stickers, or even stamps like I did. And if you are making these with the help of your Cricut, the machine can do the writing for you! For my version, I used gold ink and acrylic stamps I had on hand to stamp the saying on the inside right of each card.

That’s it! No fancy cutting machines required, but no one is judging if you want to use yours anyway. Why not? Using adorable pre-made Valentine’s stickers are especially handy if you are making multiples of these cards, though. You still get the whole handmade card feel but with just a little help from the stickers. And they’re perfect if you’re trying to avoid the whole cartoon character valentine’s cards or your child (or you) are a little older and would prefer something more elegant than the usual kiddie-themed cardboard slips.

I think sometimes a simple heart or arrow is more than enough to express the Valentine’s Day vibe without being overly romantic or frilly. Even a sticker that simply says “love” would also capture the pretty, simple lines of these cards.

These 3D Sticker Mini Valentine’s Day Cards are the perfect project to make it look like you spent a lot of time making handmade cards but really, you just had to cut and stick.

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  1. I didn’t even know a paper rounder existed. But then that’s silly of me, right? There is probably a tool for everything out there to make our crafters life easier and our craft rooms messier, lol. Love these cards & pinning!

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