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I was genuinely shocked by how nice these 3D Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments turned out considering they started out as just sheets of glitter cardstock paper.

Do any of you ever watch those crafting specials on HSN and want to buy everything? Well, I don’t/ can’t actually do that but I do manage to snag some great deals. A big one usually falls on or around my birthday every year, so happy birthday to me! For one of the specials, I snagged a digital Cricut cartridge called Anna’s Holiday Ornaments which is full of, you guessed it, gorgeous Christmas ornaments. I used it to make these 3D Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments.

The three ornaments I chose aren’t all of the available patterns by any means, but these all use the same 3D concept she designed. If you have Cricut Access you can use these templates but the set is not available for purchase outside of that. But if you’re here, you’re likely prepared to get a Cricut and Access or you already have it, lol, so let’s get started!

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3D Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments Materials

3D Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments Steps

1: Open a new project in Cricut Design Space. Click to add an image and search Cricut Access for Anna’s Holiday Ornaments.  Select the ornaments you’d like to make, one at a time, and add them to your project. If you want to make several of the same design, you can duplicate them in Design Space.

I chose 3D Snowflake Ornament #M3544301, 3D Snowflake Ornament #M351B86B, and 3D Sleigh Ornament #M3544777, but there are several other gorgeous 3D ornaments in this set.

2: Resize each of the ornaments to your desired size. I made mine all about 5 inches wide. Don’t make them too small, though, or the detailed designs will get squished and lost. You also go bigger with these. Imagine 10-inch silver sparkling snowflakes!

3: Now duplicate each of the ornaments. You will be making the ornaments two-sided so you’ll need a front and a back. The snowflake designs seem symmetrical but we’ll flip all three designs vertically just to make sure. To do that, you select an ornament and then click the “Flip” option from the top menu.

4: If you will be using different colored glitter cardstock for each design you’ll need to cut each design separately. Over on the right, click the little eyes to hide all of the ones you’re not cutting yet. Select Make It.

5. Set your Base Materials to Glitter Cardstock.  Load up your Stylus Tool and your Fine Point Blade. Cut and score the ornament on the glitter cardstock, glitter side up. 

Before you eject your mat, test one of the cuts to make sure it went all the way through. If it didn’t, you can run it through again by pushing the cut button again (the one that flashes) and it will cut again on the exact same lines.

6. Go back to the edit screen and click the little eyes to select your next ornament and repeat the process for each one.

7. Glue the two mirrored sides to each other, glitter sides out, with the tacky glue. Make sure to precisely match up the cuts. Let the glue dry completely or the pieces may slide.

This glue is very strong and will dry fast, but since it’s a liquid glue going on paper, you need to use it sparingly and watch for warping. You might want to test on a small sample first. Tape would have left gaps, paper adhesive wouldn’t have been strong enough, and Glue Dots are too thick. Mod Podge might work, though. You could also try a spray adhesive, but use caution and make sure you use it carefully. That stuff could hold a wing on an airplane!

8. Take each ornament and fold at the score lines as shown. You’ll want to alternate the rings, forward and backward, creating that 3D effect.

9. Cut enough 12-inch lengths of the silver cording for all of your ornaments and then tie them into loops on each ornament for the hangers.

That’s it! These 3D Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments are so easy to make even though they look like intricately designed little pieces of art. You could also use some pretty metallic cardstock or other interesting cardstock to make more of these designs. Heck, you could become a regular little ornament factory with your Cricut!

The best part is everything you make can be completely customized to your taste and style. Imagine these made with white core cardstock and then you distress the paper for a rustic look. Wouldn’t that look so pretty, too? How you make them, what kind of cardstock?

These 3D Glittery Paper Christmas Ornaments can really be whatever type of 3D ornaments you want them to be, it’s just amazing that they’re made from paper!

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