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It’s that time of year again when our little elf friends come and spend the next 24 days in our homes. It’s easy at the beginning coming up with ideas, but by the second week you’re scrambling to put the little elf somewhere new. Not to mention if it is week two of year three or four, now you’re really struggling! I think that is the point when parents turn to the strip poker playing elf because they are so tired of the “cute” elf by that time. I have been there friends! So let me share with you my best 24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Ideas.

Elf Shelf Group 1

  1. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: Cut out about 8 black uneven circles and an orange nose. Use some stick glue and create a snowman on your toilet paper reserve. I used ribbon for the “scarf”. Cut out a second set of materials with a note for your child to make one too.
  2. Just Chillin’: Use scrap fabric for a cover and a scarf. You can use ribbon too if thats all you have. Put your elf in the freezer have it hold an open Popsicle and that’s it.
  3. Up High: Putting the elf on a chandelier allows him to get a better view and keeps him out of harm’s way from pets!
  4. Tree Fun 1: Any time you can have the elf mixed with the Christmas decorations all the better. Hide the elf in the tree, place it on the garland or even kissing the Angel!

Elf Shelf Group 2

5. Fun & Games: Find a board game, add some of the kids’ stuffed animals and figures to play with your elf. Even better if one toy us kicking the others’ butts!

6. Tree Climber: Hide your elf in a random house plant. Simple and great for those days you forgot to move it!

7. Going to Grandma’s: If your child is going to their Grandparents’ house overnight and they’re afraid to miss the elf fun, have the elf stow away in the suitcase the morning before. This way your child won’t stress about how the elf will find or see them.

8. Farewell: Set up the elf with the gifts from Santa. Use your child’s ipod/phone and take a picture. When they see it you can tell them Santa must have done it!

Elf Shelf Group 3

9. Disney Dreaming: Make Mickey ears from 2 black circles and hot glue onto some thin wire.

10. Stilts: Get two empty wrapping paper rolls and prop your elf up in a corner as if walking on stilts.

11. Marker Fun 1: Dry erase markers and a mirror allows for tons of fun. Play tic-tac-toe, write a message or even draw a mustache at kids height.

12. Marker Fun 2: Use those dry erase markers on your frames photos. Draw mustaches, turn everyone into the Hulk, give Dad long hair or even a bushy hairdo!

Elf Shelf Group 4

13. Zipline: Tie a long ribbon from ceiling light to the tree.  Make it look as if the elf is ziplining to the tree.

14. All Tied Up: This one has been done by most. It’s one of the tried and true elf placements.

15. Peek-a-Boo: Hide the elf in a hard location to make them really search for it.

16. Nap Time: Tie a scarf to the curtain rod to make a hammock for the elf to sleep in. This is an easy one for an “oops” morning. Set it up when the kids get dressed or go to the bathroom.

Elf Shelf Group 5

17. Underwear 1: Hang your kid’s undies on the fan or chandelier. I used little rubber bands to hold our elf to the pull chains.

18. Snowmen: Mini-marshmallows, orange jimmy sprinkles and a pen. Build mini snowmen to display. The kids can eat them if you use edible ink markers!

19. All Eyes on You: Buy googly eyes and stick them to anything and everything you can make look “alive”.

20. Bath Time: Use the smallest washcloths you can find to wrap the elf up and place it high and out of water’s reach! Unless it’s not bath night then go crazy!

Elf Shelf Group 6

21. Sack Race: Take a few brown lunch sacks roll them down a little then put your elf and some other stuffed animals in them. I used crepe paper streamer for the finish line.

22. Candy Canes: Our elf was set up high with a candy cane and he covered our tree  with the others. You could do the candy cane hunt game if you are ambitious.

23. Underwear 2: Take a few pairs of kids’ undies and decorate the tree with them.

24. Gamer: Do the kids need a video game break? Give the controller(s) to the elf. The kids can’t touch the elf so they can’t touch the controllers!

I hope these 24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Ideas help make your elf season a little easier!

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Be inspired!

24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Christmas

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