15 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is coming up! As a mom, I don’t really get to or want to help with my “Mother’s Day” gift, so I usually get whatever Drew makes at school. Which is so sweet but doesn’t always make us (me) feel 100% special. For Father’s Day since it’s not a day about me, I can get creative and help Drew create some really cute things for Brad or at least buy something cool from the store if nothing else. If you’re like me, and since you are scouring the Inspiration Vault, I am going to assume you are, then just going to the golf store and buying some gear, really isn’t something you’d like to do. So here are 15  DIY Father’s Day gift ideas you can make at home or buy from home!

15 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas Craft Roundup


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15 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I broke down the ideas so that you’ll have a better feel for which idea goes with the photo featured. I hope you find some inspiration here when looking for this year’s Father’s Day gift.

Collage 1

Make and Do Crew: DIY Wall Art Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

The Crunchy Chronicles: DIY Mustache Wax

Smart Party Planning: Cool Wine Labels for Super Dad

Collage 4

Easy Peasy and Fun: DIY Wooden Key Chain

Evolving Motherhood: Father’s Day DIY Gift Measuring Tape Printable

The Kiwi in the Clouds: Father’s Day Printable Quote

The Magic Brush Inc: Home Plate Door Decoration

Collage 2

The Country Chic Cottage: Father’s Day Gift DIY Grill Trophy

Cutesy Crafts: Superhero Sleep Masks

The Joys of Boys: Funny Photo Bookmarks

Real Life at Home: Father’s Day Handprint Sun Catcher Craft

Collage 3Dear Creatives: Decoupage Galvanized Steel Box DIY

Suburbia Unwrapped: DIY Beard Oil

Swoodson Says: Phone Cord Weight

Mission To Save: DIY Silhouette Portrait

Did you find these 15 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas helpful? Did you choose one of these ideas? If so, we would love to hear how Dad liked it!

If you’re thinking you just don’t have time for all this, you can also look at these Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Amazon for some inspiration. It’ll be our secret.

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4 thoughts on “15 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Great list of Father’s day gifts. Handmade things are the best 😉 Thanks so much for including my wine labels in your roundup 🙂

    1. Aleisha Harmon

      We love homemade things! (Obviously ?) I loved the wine labels! Plus your pictures were great looking too!!

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