10 Tips for Polymer Clay

For The Vault’s very first 10 Tips infographic, we’re delving into one of Aleisha’s crafting passions, polymer clay. Polymer clay is fun to work with and has endless possibilities. Leave a comment if you have any other tips or tricks for working with polymer clay. You can also visit our Polymer Clay Inspiration board over on Pinterest and our other Polymer Clay crafts for some great project ideas. We’ve also included a PDF version of this infographic at the bottom for those who prefer that format.

10 tips

10 Tips Polymer Clay PDF File

10 Tips for Polymer Clay

#1: Do not use the same knives, cutting boards, rolling pin, or baking pans you use for cooking for your clay. The debate online is that polymer clay releases toxic chemicals that can be reabsorbed into your food. Some people believe this, others don’t, but why take the chance?

#2: You can use a porcelain floor tile as a baking pan.

#3: Cornstarch! Use it like you would flour when baking. ( A little goes a long way.)

#4: Buy an oven thermometer. I bought mine from Lowe’s for $5.

#5: You can use a traditional oven or a toaster oven to bake your clay.

#6: Do not use permanent markers, spray paint, or nail polish to paint or seal your clay projects.

#7: If baked at the right temperature, you cannot over bake your clay. The longer it bakes, the more it cures.

#8: Do not burn clay (oven too hot). When it burns it releases chemicals.

#9: When you remove your clay from the oven, it will be somewhat soft. If it is still soft after five minutes, just put it back in the oven and bake longer.

#10: Fimo brand clay is stiffer than Sculpey III and Craftsmart. From what I have read, Craftsmart is the “cheap stuff,” but I haven’t had any issues working with any of the three.

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