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Both Aleisha and I love to use Candy Melts for all sorts of parties and events. I had to learn a couple of these tricks the hard way and Aleisha taught me even more. Who knew you shouldn’t put the molds in the refrigerator or freezer to make them solidify faster? I didn’t. I also didn’t know the tapping trick to get the chocolates out of the mold more easily. I’m the master of heating these puppies up though! Do you know any secret tips or tricks for working with Candy Melts we haven’t mentioned here?

10 Tips Chocolate Melts

Even More Tips for Candy Melts

#1: I know it’s tempting to try and microwave them for a longer time to make it go faster, but the Candy Melts burn easily this way.

#2: Refrigerating or freezing them in the molds is another tempting thing to do, especially if you need to make a bunch, but again, you will see better results by letting them harden at room temperature.

#3: I know, how are you supposed to not touch them!? Obviously  that’s impossible, but do try to handle them as little as possible so your warm skin doesn’t melt them.

#4: Twisting the molds is something I used to do, too, and I was always disappointed when the candy would crack. You’ll get much better results from tapping and gently dropping the molds on the counter.

#5: Use a cheap, disposable paintbrush for this. It will be nearly impossible to get all the Candy Melts out if it.

#6: This one says it all. Unless you are using a silicone mold, they will melt in the microwave.

#7: I recommend keeping a small pot with warm water on the lowest stove setting to store the squeeze bottle and keep the Candy Melts melted.

#8: This is especially true if using cut strawberries.

#9: Additives will essentially have the same effect as the water in tip #8.

#10: Air bubbles are common, so just make a habit of tapping out the bubbles.

Hopefully, these 10 Tips for Candy Melts helps you with your future projects with Candy Melts. We love them because they come in so many different colors, they’re inexpensive, they taste delicious, and you can make so many different kinds of treats with them.

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