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You have to hear the back story for this #1 Teacher Cricut Card. I’m usually on top of the whole teacher appreciation day/ week wonderfulness. Heck, I’ve led week-long teacher worship events. This year, though, it kind of snuck up on me. Luckily, there was another mom or two in my son’s class who organized a whole week’s worth of fun treats.

We missed flowers for Monday, but my son being the crafty sweetie he is, drew and colored her some pretty flowers on the fly instead. Guess what time he showed me the sheet with each day’s treats? Yep, 8pm Monday. He needed a card for Tuesday. The sheet said to bring something special from the heart and implied no folded in half notebook paper cards. I bet she still got some, but who cares? She is an awesome teacher and I’m sure she appreciates all of it, blue lines and all.

Well, (un)fortunately, my son is aware of my craft studio and all it holds. He had to make her a nice card. He also insisted on using my “craft robot.” What is a craft robot? That would be my Cricut. I showed him his art options on the Simple Everyday Cards cartridge, had him choose his paper, and showed him how to load it. I did help with the clicking of all the buttons in Cricut’s Craft Room, but Mr. Techno figured it out faster than I did, truth be told. Anyway, he was pleased with his creation and made me promise not to show what he wrote, so I’ll just show you how we made it.

#1 Teacher Cricut Card Tutorial Teacher Appreciation


#1 Teacher Cricut Card Materials


Step 1: This isn’t a Cricut tutorial, so I’ll be moving forward assuming you know how to use yours. I have an Expressions 2, so you’ll need to adapt for your fancy Explore machines. Okay, as I mentioned, I used Cricut’s Simple Everyday Cards cartridge. The #1 Teacher art is image 40. The booklet said to set it to 5.5 inches. Stick  your first color choice of cardstock through the Cricut for cutting.

#1 Teacher Cricut Card Step 1

Step 2: The next cut is the backing that will go behind the cutout, so choose a color that will contrast nicely. This is image F1 + 40, also set to 5.5 inches. Stick your second color choice cardstock through the Cricut to be cut.

#1 Teacher Cricut Card Step 2

Step 3: Put four small pieces of double-sided tape or an adhesive to the four corners of the backing piece. Keep it in the corners so it doesn’t show through the cutout. Also, make sure to put the tape on the backing piece and not the cutout piece–the backing piece is slightly smaller.

#1 Teacher Cricut Card Step 3

Step 4: Center the backing piece, centered, on the left side of the card. Fold the card in half at the notches.

#1 Teacher Cricut Card Step 4

That’s seriously it! It took us maybe 10 minutes, tops, to make.

#1 Teacher Cricut Card Complete

Have any of you made cards using the Simple Everyday Cards Cricut cartridge? We’d love to see pics! We definitely enjoyed making this #1 Teacher Cricut Card with it. There are some very nice graduation and baby cards on there, too, but I need to find someone who’s graduating or having a baby, first!

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    1. Thank you! His teacher loved it according to him. I’m inspired to make way more Cricut cards now that I’ve figured it out, lol.

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